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Get Accurate Measurement Using Our Scales and Printers 

In the retail food industry accuracy when weighing food is important because it impacts your sales and profit margins. Getting a good scale is of the utmost importance.

Along the same lines, having printers that work right every time are important because they give customers receipts they can read and give you a crisp, clear printout of important documents.

At A.C. Lister & Company, we always give you the best in scales, printers, and software that help drive your business without any errors.

You Have Come to the Right Place for Scales

When you just need a basic retail scale, the Mettler Toledo b-Pro is designed with multiple printing options and a low profile to get the job done. The ruggedness and small footprint make it ideal for counters.

If you are in the market for something a little more robust, check out our new Impact S from METTLER TOLEDO with the state-of-the-art load cell and user interface or the top-of-the-line UCCW from METTLER TOLEDO with a 12.1" easy-to-use color touchscreen. Call us to learn about all our models.

Scales and Printers That We Stock

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