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Wrap and seal your products efficiently with a professional auto wrapper machine from A.C. Lister & Company. We are the number one supplier of food equipment, including slicers, scales, tenderizers, and other equipment. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Check Out Our Robust Wrapper

880 Auto Wrapper
  • The Mettler Toledo 880 Auto Wrapper is the NEWEST PRODUCT on the market
  • A professional, fast, and robust automatic weighing, wrapping, and labeling system for grocery backroom environments
  • Built for the most demanding meat and seafood operation
  • Designed to deliver day in and day out with production capacity that easily meets peak demand periods
  • Fast and easy for every operator to control with the tactile keypad and touchscreen
  • Operators can load trays quickly as the wrapper automatically moves the tray into the proper position to be wrapped
  • The film chamber is conveniently accessible from the front making roll changes easier and quicker
  • All moving parts that could cause injury are guarded from being touched with covers to provide optimal safety for operators
  • See video to learn how this top-of-the-line model can make your business better
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